Virtual School Support Program

A program designed to help your student-athlete get the most out of their virtual school experience.

Our goal is to simplify the process of virtual education for both parents and students.

The SAI Virtual School Support Program is designed to help high level youth athletes manage their virtual learning experience. Our program ensures that students stay on track and get the most out of their academic curriculum.

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Virtual Support Vision Statement

The vision is to provide an all encompassing school support program for elite level athletes. SAI Academy uses a modern approach with a strong foundation of core values resulting in the successful development of exceptional student-athletes.


Potential Problems With Virtual School

Virtual School is an amazing opportunity, but without support there are a few issues that are commonly experienced by both parents and students.


Time Management

Learning online offers the ultimate to organize your studies around your commitments, it can lead to complacency and a false sense of security if the appropriate dedication and time is not set aside.


Student Motivation

The freedom of online learning can be hard for students to manage. There is the unlimited distraction of the internet. Given the abstract nature of online learning, motivation in particular can take a hit.


Parent Supported

Homeschool means that the parent assumes responsibility for the education of the student. This can be unrealistic for many working parents, which will cause gaps in learning and study.


Educational Gaps

Without guidance it is possible for students to miss parts of the curriculum. If students do not learn required material in a course, this can negatively affect a student’s future pathway in the subject area.

The SAI Solution

SAI Academy offers a top-quality academic education. We have combined technology, evidence based learning, and feedback from our community to create an environment that prepares our students for success. We educate the individual and place our students at the center of their own learning. Our approach prepares them for success in the modern world, where creativity, critical thinking, technological skills, and collaboration are of the utmost importance.

Individualized Learning
Curriculum Support

Program Benefits

We provide a quality academic experience for high level youth athletes. Virtual learning allows for the flexibility required to develop in both athletics and academics.

Benefits of our virtual curriculum


Students work at their own pace and are encouraged to develop their own momentum. The curriculum is both demanding and process-driven.


Classes are tailored to the students’ specific interests and needs. We ensure all core classes are NCAA approved and college credit accepted.


Our students are able to move quickly through material they understand and take their time on material they are having difficulty with.


Flexibility and creative thinking are key to achieving success in life. We strive to provide an environment where these skills are developed.

Happy Customers

Our program is here to help families navigate and optimize their virtual learning experience.

Current Partner

Orlando City Development Academy

This is one of our current partners using this program. It allows for the combination of flexibility the student-athlete needs with the guidance and instruction necessary to excel academically.

Weekly Academic Plan

Families receive a weekly electronic academic update. This includes, progress on lessons completed for the week as well as an overview of lessons to be completed for the upcoming week. Based on need, students may be required to have regular check-ins with SAI learning coaches (via zoom) and 1:1 tutoring (included).

Academic & Progress Counseling

We evaluate and develop the progress of the individual student according to their needs and abilities. Then we will pace and advance the student through the curriculum while monitoring their understanding of the material. Parents receive regular updates on the academic progress of their child. Our staff will assist in guiding students through their academic and career choices each year

Individualized Student Learning Plan

Our goal is to support student learning and family communication. The SAI Virtual School Support Program gets the most out of an online learning experience.

SAI Academy will act as the parent. We will take on the burden of tracking each students individualized pace each week and student progression throughout the semester. Academic plans will include:

Completely Individualized Student Pathway

Honors Courses
AP Coursework
Dual Enrollment
SAT / ACT Prep

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual School Support Program

The perfect academic path for high level youth athletes. Our Virtual School Support Program provides flexibility to the athletes schedule and support to parents trying to manage coursework.

SAI Academy


SAI Academy is the premier soccer academy in Orlando, FL. We strive to combine a modern blended learning environment with elite level soccer development for student-athletes.

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