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student athlete evaluations

A few times per year students and families have the opportunity to sit down with SAI Academy staff to go through a detailed evaluation process. This is an opportunity for both sides to check in and discuss how things are going, while also establishing an action plan for how each student can continue to improve and grow. We consider these evaluations to be a critical component in our mission of providing individual development in both academics and athletics.

In this article we will cover the methods behind this process and the positive results we have seen here at SAI as a result.

The Goal

Our goal in each and every evaluation is to provide genuine feedback that is supported by action. These evaluations allow us to have an extended conversation on each student’s recent success, as well as areas that we think need improvement. This ability to check-in on progress and have an open discussion on how to move forward is invaluable to both our staff and our families. We give a lot of time to this process to make sure that everyone understands what we are working towards.

In these evaluations parents spend time meeting individually with the directors of our school departments. This detailed attention allows our staff to provide as much value as possible, while also serving to provide the parents with a complete view of their child’s development.

Academic Evaluation

Our academic evaluations cover all campus activities that are not related to our athletic department. We cover the student’s academic progress, classroom behavior, influence progress, and overall school assessment. These typically are the longest and most in depth, simply due to the variety of aspects that are covered. Families will sit down with our Education Director to review each student’s progress in the classroom and go over the necessary changes to stay on pace within their studies.

This process very closely resembles a traditional parent-teacher conference.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluations are meant to review each student’s overall athletic development. These encompass general qualities and do not cover any activities performed with a soccer ball. The purpose of these evaluations are to go over physical qualities like speed, agility, explosiveness, strength, and coordination. Our Performance Director sits down with parents to go over testing results and technical assessments to shed light on each student’s unique athletic profile.

Due to the age of the athletes here at SAI Academy we also utilize this process to review motor skill development and maturation status. Proper development is important to us, which is why we analyze progress and compare it to age related standards. This in turn allows our staff and families to understand the context of where each student is at within their development.

Soccer Evaluation

The soccer evaluation process is an exciting one. It allows us to go over how our students are progressing within the game. Our Soccer Director will go through an individual technical assessment, where students receive a score in multiple skill categories. During this time film is also reviewed from various training sessions we have carried out since the previous evaluation. We have found this to provide more context to the score rating and show a visual representation of what is being mentioned throughout the meeting.

Due to the individual nature of our methods, we utilize feedback from club coaches to determine each student’s tactical understanding. That combined with our review of film session, small-sided game, and general training performance allows us to round out the evaluation process. Our standards are high and these evaluations reflect that. The majority of our students have very big goals and it is our mission to provide them with every opportunity possible to achieve them.

The Action Plan

All of this feedback only matters if action is taken. We thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to sit down and have an open discussion about what is working and what needs to change, but without a plan to move forward there is no guarantee that this feedback will be productive. This is why our directors have to provide an action plan for each player based on what was discussed in the meeting. Our goal is to see improvements in these key areas by the next evaluation.

In following this process we have seen some significant improvements in all areas of development. Every student is different and will require a specific approach to achieving these improvements, but the process itself is what is driving this success. Here at SAI we strive to individualize as much of our processes as possible because it is our opinion that this is a key factor in optimal development overall. Our student-athlete evaluation process is no different.

Our students are improving at an accelerated rate both on the field and in the classroom. We are thrilled to see this happening and attribute a large amount of it to the in-depth and individualized evaluations carried out throughout the school year.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about our school. If you are interested in the specifics of each department here at SAI Academy, we encourage you to check out our soccer and academic programs.

John Evans

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