SAI Academy Off-Season Training Program

6 weeks of training designed to get you ready for the upcoming season!

Prepare Like The Professionals!

Train 5 Days Per Week From June 14th Through July 23rd

Arbitrary and sporadic training in the summer just isn't cutting it. To be ready for next season and to play at your best you need a proper off-season program. We have decided to deliver just that, our off-season program covers all of the required aspects of the game that a player needs to be physically and technically prepared for the season.

What's Included?

off-season soccer technical training

Soccer Technical Training

We cover the technical aspects of the game. This training focuses heavily on the individual development of each athlete.

off-season soccer performance training

Sports Performance

Be physically prepared for the season. We will work on improving each athlete’s speed, agility, strength, coordination, and mobility.

soccer athlete monitoring

Athlete Monitoring

We will monitor each athlete’s daily workload through check-ins and testing to ensure that they are progressing optimally. 

u12 to u16 soccer player
"Awesome soccer academy! Helpful and professional coaches!"
grayson garraty
Youth Soccer Training

Who Is This Program For?

Boys & Girls | U12 to U17

We have designed this program for high level youth soccer players. The training sessions will be challenging and individualized to the specific needs of the athlete. This individual approach gives each player the opportunity to optimize their development. 

This off-season program will follow a Monday through Friday training schedule and will run from June 14 to July 23. We encourage both boys and girls to apply.

Off-season Soccer Training

Why Training This Way Is So Important

What the science says on the importance of a proper off-season training program.

off-season training time

Training Time

The athletes with more total off-season training time are injured less often.

Conditioning Level

Players with the largest improvements in vo2 max are the most prepared for the season.

Lower Injury Risk

Trained players experience a smaller probability of lower body injuries when compared to untrained.

SAI Off-Season Program

How We Are Going To Prepare Each Athlete

The primary focus of this program. Each and every aspect is designed around preparing the athletes for the technical and physical requirements of the upcoming season.

off-season program

Technical Isolation

Drills designed to isolate the technical aspects of the game. This training is completely individual to the player.

off-season program (3)

Speed & Agility Training

Speed is a game changer. We will be implementing speed training, agility, and technique analysis.

off-season program (2)

Small-Sided Games

Game play that coincides with our isolation work and allows players to put everything together.

off-season program (4)

Strength Training

We implement sport-specific strength training to improve performance and most importantly reduce injury risk.

off-season program (6)

Film Analysis

Breakdown tactical aspects of the game with our coaches. Analysis will follow the topic of each week’s training.

off-season program (5)

Sports Science

We will be tracking individual workload and testing to make sure the athletes get the most out of each day.

Offering SAT / ACT Test Prep

Sign up for our optional academic enrichment program to get the most out of this summer!

Extended Day Option Is Available

Extended day pick up is at 4:30 PM

If our regular pick up time of 2:00 pm doesn’t work with your schedule we have an extended day option. Extended day pick up is at 4:30 pm, we will provide activities for the athletes.

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"SAI Academy is an excellent soccer program with professional trainers who do very well with children."
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"We had a great experience, with a good blend of activities, drills and professional instructors and guests."
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"The Soccer & Academic Program is well designed for dedicated students on the path to pro!"
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meet the team

Coaching Staff

A high level team of professionals working to develop the best training program possible

giles barnes

Giles Barnes

Soccer Coach

herve diese

Herve Diese

Soccer Coach

john evans

John Evans

Performance Coach

Program Details

Frequently asked questions

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Training Related Questions

Yes, we are offering this off-season program to both boys and girls.

This program is for athletes ages 12 – 18.

We start from the foundation of each movement to make sure the athletes are ready to add resistance. If they are not currently ready, then we will have them go through a bodyweight program.

Program related questions

The extended day option allows for a 4:30 pm pick up and costs an additional $150 per week.

We offer weekly and full payment options.

Yes we offer a partial program that is 3 weeks long.

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Only 20 spots available! This is a complete off-season training experience.

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