International Player Pathway

Connecting U.S. and international players to opportunities in the game.

SAI International Pathway

Striving to connect players to international opportunities.

The sport is international and in order for us to provide the best opportunities to our athletes we believe that our reach needs to be outside of the United States.

We have done this through strategic partnerships and relationships with clubs and organizations. This is only going to grow and expand to more parts of the world as SAI Academy continues to progress within our mission.

sai academy talentprojekt players
sai academy international players

Talentprojekt Partnership

Academic provider for the Talentprojekt players.

We have partnered with the Talentprojekt to provide our international curriculum to their players. They are affiliated with the Bundesliga academy system and provide opportunities for players to learn and play against that level of competition.

As an organization they have many established connections that will help us branch out and pursue more international partners. They also are a potential option for our students to learn and play oversees if they so choose.

International Soccer Network

Expanding our international reach within the game.

We are focused on growing and consistently expanding into the international space as we progress as an academy. This can and will include everything from international trip experiences, recruitment, and club partners.

We view this as an essential component in our mission if we are going to maximize the opportunities available for SAI Academy students.

european player network
bundesliga academy network

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