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Leadership is a Pillar of SAI Academy! Create your ideal world in your mind first, then actualize it

Milan S. Maini, COO of SAI Academy

Our Leadership

The ‘I’ in SAI represents Influence. With Influence comes leadership and character building. Our students are not only conditioned to be the best on the soccer field but also to demonstrate strong character and self- development off the field.

Our self-development portion of the curriculum includes teaching students how to be geared towards a growth mindset, how to manage fear and anxiety, meditation and breathing exercises, and visualization.

Our community leaders have joined the SAI ‘Ambassadors of Excellence’ program in which they speak to our students on their personal journeys and inspire how to navigate through their own journey.

Some of our Ambassadors include:

Victor Young

Building Your Brand Owner of USL2 team and a successful businessman.

Austin Brown

3x Olympic Bronze medalist spoke about social media etiquette

Demetrius Bronson

Played for Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks. Spoke about the ‘Power of Perseverance’

Chris Mueller

Orlando City MLS player. ‘Never Give Up’

Dominic Dwyer

Forward for United States Men's National Soccer Team

SAI students dream of going pro, playing for a team in Europe or playing for their favorite University in the states. At SAI Academy, those dreams are realized through preparing our youth to learn and grow by becoming a wholesome human being through our leadership program, wellness program and community mentors. With influence being an important pillar of SAI, we partner with the leaders of our community to inspire and build our students confidence. We set them up to grow in confidence and expand how they manage their perspective on topics like Goal Setting, Reflection, Growth Mindset, Managing Mistakes, Overcoming Challenges, Receiving Feedback, Effort, Mindfulness/Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and Visualization.

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