Development Is Our Purpose

Through intentional focus on leadership development, SAI student-athletes take active roles within their personal and character development. The underlying mission of our program is to inspire student-athletes to fulfill their true potential as leaders. By maximizing on strengths and cultivating growth areas, student-athletes at SAI are able to create a culture of ownership, team-work, and community, wherever they go.


Team Work


Student Government

Our School encourages students to lead by example. The SAI Academy student government is one of many opportunities to do just that.

Leadership is a valued trait in the world today. Here at SAI Academy we believe in providing a variety of opportunities for our students to explore their own leadership abilities. 

For those that are interested, we maintain an active student government program. This is a chance for students to share opinions, manage programs or events, and learn the ins and outs of their elected position. Elections are held each year during the fall semester.

Internship Opportunities

We provide internship opportunities for our high school students so that they can learn applicable skills.

We develop more than just the soccer player or the student. At SAI Academy we believe in developing the individual across a variety of areas. 

Our internship programs allow our students to explore multiple environments along the way to their individual development while here at SAI. In addition we also provide opportunities for individuals looking to expand their career to become involved with SAI Academy directly through a school internship.

Empowering Students To Lead

At SAI Academy we believe in giving our students the opportunity to lead. We meet the needs of the individual to find each student's unique leadership qualities

SAI Academy


SAI Academy is the premier soccer academy in Orlando, FL. We strive to combine a modern blended learning environment with elite level soccer development for student-athletes.

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