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Orlando Community

SAI Academy is dedicated to giving back to Orlando. We go beyond just soccer and focus on helping the local community as a whole.

SAI Gives Back

SAI Academy gives 10% of net earnings to local Orlando charities.

We are focused on helping those in need, which is why we have decided to donate a portion of our net income to programs and charities right here in Orlando. It is important to us that we support causes that can make a difference in our community.

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Soccer Cleat Donations

We have cleat drives throughout the year.

One of the many ways that we try to give back to the soccer community is through cleat donations. We collect cleats a few times a year to be donated to kids that need them. Our supportive SAI family is what makes this process happen.

The SAI Community

We are supported by a community of partners, families, and friends that all help create the vision of SAI Academy. It is our goal to continue to build this network through partnerships and initiatives that expand our ability to deliver a complete approach to student-athlete development.

Our Partners

SAI Academy is supported by our amazing partnerships

We are fortunate enough to work with some truly great partners. Our network serves to help spread our message and to assist in accomplishing our mission of developing complete student-athletes.

orlando city development academy partnership

We are the Official Pre-College Academic Partner for the Orlando City Development Academy!

Our Sponsorships

We have a wonderful community of local sponsors.

Our sponsors share in the SAI Academy mission of developing the Orlando soccer community. We are extremely appreciative of their support and look forward to growing within these sponsorships.

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SAI Academy is the premier soccer academy in Orlando, FL. We strive to combine a modern blended learning environment with elite level soccer development for student-athletes.

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