Blended Learning

The Basics Of Blended Learning

Blended Learning Curriculum

SAI Academy provides a blended learning environment for high level youth soccer players.

We started SAI with the goal of providing an academic alternative for youth athletes. Our blended learning curriculum allows our students to learn at their own pace.

Today’s youth soccer player is faced with a competitive travel schedule, weekly training, and high tactical demands that when added to a traditional school schedule can seem impossible to manage. Our curriculum accommodates each individual student’s needs throughout the year. 


What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a formal education environment where students learn via
online instruction and traditional face-to-face teaching.

Online Learning


Classroom Environment


Learning Path

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Individual Learning Model

Our blended learning curriculum allows students to progress through subjects based on competency.

At SAI Academy we utilize online learning to give more control to both students and teachers. This allows teachers to work individually with students because they are no longer giving lessons to the entire class at once.

Students are able to progress through lessons at their own pace. Our individual learning paths are based on what each student needs to progress through a subject.

Why Blended Learning?

Learn about our enrollment options. We strive to provide
flexible opportunities for our potential students.

Custom Learning

 A tech based curriculum allows our students to customize their learning. We offer individual data and a wide range of available electives.

Competency-Based Learning

 Students advance based on competency, not by the time of year or pace of the rest of the class. This is further supported by our available education programs.

Flexible Education Environment

 Blended learning provides more flexibility than a traditional school. This allows our students to pursue both academic and athletic development pathways.

Curriculum Support: How It Works?

There are a variety of ways for students at SAI to receive help in their subjects. We provide an
organized system to support our student's individual academic needs.

Part 1

SAI Academic Process

Part 2

Virtual Support

Part 3

Curriculum Support

How Do We Facilitate Learning?

We go outside of our virtual curriculum to provide our students with opportunities to learn.

Learning will include some combination of synchronous online teaching and learning via video conferencing tools asynchronous instruction. We will also assign individual homework or other assignments that students complete on their own.

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SAI Academy is the premier soccer academy in Orlando, FL. We strive to combine a modern blended learning environment with elite level soccer development for student-athletes.

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