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Thank you for your interest in our school. We are delighted to share our school community with you, and our website is a great place to start to explore all that SAI Academy offers.

We offer rolling admission throughout the year to student-athletes interested in SAI. Our goal is to provide an elite academic and athletic experience for students in the Orlando area that is guided by our vision of individual development.

At SAI Academy we are committed to the challenge of developing our students and strive to help them realize their potential, both in soccer and academics.

Enrollment Options

Learn about our enrollment options. We strive to provide
flexible opportunities for our potential students.

sai academy full time student

Full-Time Student

Our Full-Time Student (FTS) program is our flagship and most comprehensive product, offering athletes all of our services without any restrictions or limitations through a regular 10-month academic year.

sai academy part time student

Part-Time Student

Our Part-Time Student program is ideal for families looking to share and participate in the student’s academic experience. These students will attend SAI Academy either 3 or 4 times a week over the academic calendar year.

sai academy soccer only enrollment

Soccer Only Trainee

Our Soccer Only Trainee (SOT) program is ideal for homeschool students who only want to participate in SAI Academy’s Soccer Development program, Fitness Training program and Wellness services. 

Admission Process

Get started today! Request admission information below and our staff will reach out to start the application process.

Learn exactly how SAI Academy can assist in your student’s academic and soccer development by starting our admission process. You will have the opportunity to meet our coaches and educators to ask them any specific questions you may have.

We will guide you through every step along the way to enrollment.


Apply online or send us your filled application form to get started in the admission process.


Eligible candidates will be called for an interview, along with necessary documents.


Selected candidates need to submit all required documents along with the fee payment.

sai academy student financial aid
sai academy sponsor scholarships

Getting Financial Aid

SAI Academy feels proud in helping aspiring candidates through our financial aid scholarship program.

SAI Academy strives to be accessible and understands that our role is to develop our student-athletes for the future. It is for this reason that we provide a variety of financial aid options to our families.

Start the process by requesting our admission information to learn more about what financial aid options are available to you. Our staff will assist you along the way to make sure that you submit all of the required documents.

New admission starts in January

Get started on the path to academic and athletic excellence. We are currently enrolling for the 2020 - 2021 school year.

SAI Academy


SAI Academy is the premier soccer academy in Orlando, FL. We strive to combine a modern blended learning environment with elite level soccer development for student-athletes.

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